An institution of higher learning that fosters a broad and engaging learning culture and encourages interdisciplinary and cross-cultural education, with the overall goal of working together to produce a positive transformation of the world.

Overarching goal

To be a world class institution of higher learning that serves humanity through arts, culture and education.


  • To promote the advancement of learning, knowledge and the professions and provision of education based on the premise that “Truth is One and Paths are Many”.
  • To promote the exchange of ideas in teaching methodology between different schools and educational disciplines.

Core values

  • Knowledge is divine
  • Search for truth
  • Education should be holistic – spiritual and moral as well as intellectual; grow the heart and spirit as well as the mind.
  • Education for the betterment of the individual, mankind and the world
  • Education is a tool to break down boundaries – encourage cross-boundary learning and research – between disciplines (arts, sciences, religion, etc), between cultures, between religions, between ancient and modern
  • Respect for knowledge and the knowledge-giver
  • Access to all who thirst for knowledge