Explore dance

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body"

Martha Graham


Bharata natyam

Experience first hand, the chaste beauty of Bharata Natyam, by learning it your self. This rich and disciplined dance style originating in South India, will engage your senses in music, mime and movement, and empower you to focus your energies and uplift your spirit.


Contemporary / modern dance

Move to strong, complex and technical sequences in and out of the floor, focusing on flexibility through a range of techniques, gain body awareness, understanding of performance/stamina and commitment to movement.



Captivate for yourself the rhythms, intricate footwork and fast pirouettes of Kathak, the classical dance style from Northern India. The technique of kathak body movements is sharp and precise yet subtle and graceful, coupled with footwork demonstrating the dynamic power and intricacies of rhythmic time cycles setting it apart from the other dance styles of India.



Relish in the intoxicating music and movement of Odissi – the classical dance style of Orissa. Odissi is both style and substance, stamina and grace, tandava and lasya. Like all the other classical dance styles of India, it has the power to take you into the realm of exquisite beauty and poetry.



Experience the various flavours of Indian dance with Bollywood- the fusion of Indian classical and folk dance styles with subtle Latino and Arabic influences. Enjoy a fun, energetic and expressive class of dance and drama moving to the exuberant rhythms of Bollywood music.



We believe in a world where children can find happiness and joy through creativity, movement, rhythm and colour. Our Bala Vihar program is a fun class for 4 – 6 yr olds, preparing them on their journey to dance and movement.

Explore Music

“To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?"

Michael Jackson


Carnatic vocAL

Explore the connection of the origin of swaras or notes, through Carnatic vocal, a rich system of music from South India.



Immerse yourself in the rhythms and speeds of the tabla.



Fall in love with the distinct keys and tones of the piano in classical, barouque, modern, jazz/blues and pop.



Bring wonderful soulful moments to life by immersing yourself in the melodies of the acoustic guitar.

Explore Language & Arts

"In art, Man reveals himself and not his objects"

Rabindranath Tagore

tamil - carved on wall.jpg


Learn the world's oldest living language that originates from South India in Tamil Nadu and is spoken by 70 million people today. 

Visual arts example


Discover new ways of seeing and allow your creative vision to open new worlds. The world we live in, is fused and filled with colour, rhythms, sights, sounds and emotion. SMV visual arts classes are designed to provide sequential approaches to art, experimentation, and group practice, leading to in-house exhibitions and presentations.