One person's passion for the arts, lit the eternal lamp within over 35 years ago.

Today, our existence is a collaborative affair, and we rely on your support.

"Athi mathura chaapa hastam aparimitha modhabana sowbhagyaam arunaam athisaya karunaam abinava kula sundareem vande

I bow to the eternal source of beauty bestower of life's elixir sweet success and radiant auspiciousness who is the dawn hued promise of wondrous grace and compassion

- Shri Lalitha Trishati Stotram


How can you support us?

Volunteer YOUR TIME

100% of our staff are volunteers, of which many have full-time careers. Whilst we would love to invest all our time in the arts, unfortunately many of us are unable to do so.  For most of our dedicated people, SMV is like a second home and requires us to carry out cleaning, handy-work, administration, marketing and more,

If you believe you can assist us in any way, volunteering your time or services, please let us know and we would be very grateful




We have formed many exciting partnerships with companies in the past, with the important intent to making the arts accessible and relvant to the world today. If you believe that there is an opportunity to partner with us and our values align with your own, then let's connect and make it happen.