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Bharata Natyam arangetram of Ananya Saxena

  • John Curtin College of Arts (map)
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We would like to invite you all to the Bharata Natyam Arangetram of Ananya Saxena – student of Anuradha Sutharshan. 

Please come and give your blessings and wishes. All students and parents are welcome.


The whirling electrons around its nucleus; the systolic and diastolic pressure of the bloodstream; the afferent and efferent of neural flow; the pulsating heart; the orbiting planets around the sun; the howling of the wind; the flash of lightning; the rumble of thunder clouds; the torrential rain; the gurgling stream; 

Any movement, at any moment, anywhere all over the universe, is but the graceful dance steps of the divine inseparable lovers – Shiva and Shakti.

Thus it was revealed centuries ago to sage Bharata Muni and thus was born the sacred textbook – Natya Shastra, the treatise on dance, music and drama. Hundreds and thousands have gone through this discipline, mastered the art of Bharata’s Natya and delighted the audience everywhere in all these bygone centuries. 

In that perennial procession joins today Ananya. And so… They ascend the “Arangam”, the dance stage, which is their maiden performance, traditionally known as Arangetram.

May Shiva Nataraja – The Nayaka – and Shivakameshwari – The Nayaki – act and activate in and through the limbs and may they one day realise the great spiritual experience of the yogis who witness the dance of Chidambaram.

The Dancing Feet, the twinkling bells, the song sung and the varying steps, lovely poses of the lovers divine Shiva and Shakti. 

Find out these within yourself, all thy fetters shall then fall away.


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